Value-based Desktop Virtualization: Ideal for Small Businesses

Appliance-based desktop virtualization is a cost-effective way of delivering the benefits of VDI, with the added advantages of simpler management and higher multimedia performance. Even those with limited IT skills can administer and manage virtual desktops.

Fitness Club Gets a Healthy Upgrade with Value VDI and Slim Zero Clients

The Cave, a California fitness facility, used ViewSonic's Userful™ Multiplatform Value VDI with zero client endpoints, Chrome desktops, and Libre Office to cost-effectively achieve powerful computing and easy management.

How is Userful Multiplatform Desktop Virtualization Software Different?

Learn how Userful™ Multiplatform VDI differs from traditional solutions in four key areas, including virtual desktop delivery and management, endpoint performance, and ROI.

ViewSonic® SC-U25 Value VDI Client

Simplified infrastructure. Simplified management. Reduced costs. Get this battle card to learn how ViewSonic SC-U25 delivers a more complete virtual desktop environment compared to the NComputing L300.

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